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 Out Of Character Rules

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PostSubject: Out Of Character Rules   Mon Jan 12, 2009 9:52 am

Player rules

The Den is a strict IC (In Character) continuity in which mature themes and stories are played out. As such the following rules are to be adhered to;

Character age:
Being a continuity with mature themes within it, all characters must be sixteen (16) or older. This includes looks, actual age and behavior. Feral characters must be of adulthood age in consistent with the aging of the race.

IRL age:
All players must be eighteen or older. If logs or evidence is produced that proves you are underage, or gives reasonable doubt to that fact, you will be removed and banished from the dream. This is a mature dream and thus to avoid legal issues players must be of mature age.

Strict RP:
This is a STRICT Rp continuity and as such characters are to conform to a certain standard;
Standard naming: There will be NO Bob the mage's or Keanu Reeves. Nor shall any perkytit124 or b0bs. Names such as those will result in ejection from the dream without warning other then this. Cliche' names are generally frowned upon, but will not result in ejection. Cliche names include; Travis the strong, Rinhikna Swordblade and Thundering Jackson.
OOC in the desc: There is a limit of two OOC tags, defined as two points of data in between [],{} or (). Descs. muddled with [yiffy][Bladecat's mate][Bladechildren's mother][18 IRL][Fire mage] will not be accepted within The Den and you will be asked to remove it or leave.

Desc and links:
While a character website is by no means required to RP within The Den, it is favoured. A website however is no excuse to not have a in game desc. A link to your website is NOT acceptable as the sole and whole of your desc. If you have the energy to write a website, six or seven lines isn't asking much.

Demonics and Angelics: Characters at either extreme of the Good/Evil range are at a limit within The Den. There can only be X many Satans and X many Archangels in one place.

Godmodding, Powergaming: Is not acceptable in any way whatsoever. On the first offense, a warning and a record of the event will be given. The second offense will result in the removal of your character for a day and a third offense is the banishment of the player.

Established characters:The Den is not a place to RP out one night stands or simple Yiffing. This is a continuity and as such will be treated as one.

Within the The Den continuity

Dream consent:
Anything that might effect the continuity as a whole is to be cleared with the Rah's beforehand and will either be approved or declined. Examples are breaking a slave pen,Flooding the building or damaging the bar. Smaller items such as sundering of a door to a room or such are more likely to be cleared then a slave pen's destruction.

Is NOT acceptable in any way whatso ever. Furcadia provides a whisper feature for this type of action. The only place OOC is acceptable is in a private room or the OOC room.

Line limit:
The Den, being a strict RP continuity, has standard that must be kept by all players. As such the current line limit for a RP post is three lines. If you feel that three lines is too much for you to put out, leave now. If you feel there is not three lines of activity to respond to a simple [Skip me] is the acceptable thing to say. Continued RPing underneath the line limit will be dealt with.

Respect and kindness is encouraged for all players OOCly and to some degree, ICly. While the continuity itself lends itself to disrespectful characters and the like, thrillkillers and characters made with the sole intent to mess things up are not acceptable. Walking into the bar area and picking a fight with six complete strangers for no IC reason will not be tolerated and will voided out. This rule in no way means that all IC characters must be nice but players are reminded that RPing is about FUN and not WINNING
OOC respect is REQUIRED for the Rahs. Failure to respect those that provide the continuity will result in being removed from it.

This is a strict "Give-Take" consent dream which is defined as follows;
If your character strikes another to remove a limb, you automatically give consent for your own character's maiming
If you strike to kill, you void all consent.
Consent will not be allowed to be used as a cop out of fights.
Consent is waived on the character that starts a fight and will be handled according to IC actions.
Slaves within The Den will be treated as such.While unowned and within the pens, consent is waived by that player and The Den's Rah's in keeping with IC. Once bought, a slave and the master are to handle consent between themselves. Keep in mind, however, that murder is still unacceptable in The Den ICly and will be dealt with accordingly.

RP in areas:
Slave pens are not to fight in.The bar is not a place to yiff in.The arena is not a place to yiff.The main hall is not a place to fight.
Each area within The Den has a certain style of RP in mind when it was created. This is not to say that bar fights and beting on fights with slave papers is not acceptable but yiffing in a public RP area is not acceptable. It will be handled in a IC manner if it occurs as will any type of "mis typed" RP that the Rah's find occurring.

IC tech: The year is 1526. Keep this in mind with regards to technology and manners.
A brief crash course:
Gays are not tolerated ICly in this time. Homosexuality is to be kept a secret.
Women are to be respectful of men
Respect your elders
Flintlock weapons are the limit to firearms

Idling anywhere other then the Idle room is unacceptable in all cases other then the Rahs who will idle in the main areas to deal with issues and whispers.

Ignoring the Rah's is not acceptable. If you feel the need to do so then go to the other Rah. There are two for a reason and we often have different views on how to handle Situations.

Preps During combat all magic must be prepped with [X/X Spell Name/Ability Name]. It is only a common courtesy to state the intended effect.

Additional Notes:
As you might have noticed most infractions on the rules are handled IC. We will attempt to handle infractions ICly to preserve the RP environment. Failure to comply with IC punishments will result in OOC measures to be taken.
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Out Of Character Rules
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