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 Meet your Rahs

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PostSubject: Meet your Rahs   Fri Feb 13, 2009 10:33 am

I think that knowing your fellow players is a essential part to all RP. I've found that over the course of RPing and getting to know people OOCly that I form a mental picture of who they are. Sometimes my mental image is shattered when I see a real photo.
Anyways I'm going to throw up some neat information about myself and some photos so that you all can know me. I'm going to encourage Postey to do the same.

Name: Matthew ------ Ford
Age: 18. Glorious. I can now obtain cigarettes and get cancer!
Gender: I'm a carbon based meat ice pop.


I'm a self titled loser. I spend most of my time on the computer listening to music and doing other really neat things. I'm a high school drop out, out of a former drug addiction and not because of a lack of smarts, and have a G.E.D. I occasionally attend the local community college but I've found that 600 dollars for some fucktard to talk at me isn't worth it. I used to play music but I've recently been in a slump as the local music scene for my city is composed of 80's styled metal bands and indie rock acoustic shit. I wish I could make something experimental and interesting that few people would understand but those who did loved it. Oh. I play bass. Chat with me about music and we'll have good times. I'm a former busyboy/dishwasher/construction worker/cashier. I'd very much like to never have to leave the house because I hate the great majority of this town I reside in but I love people. Paradox much? I like to spell things like colour and armour. The neatest word in the world is neat.

More neatness?!
I've been RPing in one form or another, Dungeons and Dragons or Furcadia, since I was twelve or thirteen years old. I started out in Imag. dreams and worked my way around for the span of a year and a half. During that time I ran a small multiple dream based storyline that included a medium sized slaving operation. I left Furcadia for four years because of drug abuse and a lack of internet and have been back since September of 2008. I am 100% against meaningless yiffing and idle pit dreams. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to RP and I will allow persons chances on occasion.

Picture time?!
I didn't shave. I look gross but neat at the same time. 1/?/09

This is JUST before the entire drug problem started. 6?/?/05

Hi. I like younger girls. This one would happen to be my best friend in the entire world and is the most awesome person in the universe. I'd also like to note the intense look of WHAT THE FUCK on my face. =] 11/15/08
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Meet your Rahs
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