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Walking towards the small cave within the stoney mountainside it would seem as if nothing was amiss. The trees were in place as well as other forms of the local fauna typical to the season and the climate of the country side. Animals would be seen as normal as well. The only sign of disturbances would be tracks that seemed to be more frequent then this remote section of the countryside called for.
Even once one entered the cave it would seem as if nothing was out of place. The stone was almost undisturbed completely and the cave was quiet. It was only once one walked down into the heart of the cave, a two minute walk if one was taking their time, that someone was revealed. Set into a wall within the cavern was a single drawing. It was white and crudely drawn but it was important nonetheless; two large wolves huddled against each other with childish writing underneath. If one was inclined to know the letters of the Drow it would be revealed to them as saying "The Den".
This is where the story ends for those who not a Member of The Den. Members would however know how to proceed. Pressing their left hand against the words on the wall would cause a rune of magic to become active. The wall in which the wolves cuddled on would melt away and disappear and allow the member to see within. A small staircase leading straight downward would extend some two hundred feet and then end at a stone landing. The walls of the stairway were magically set to allow the member and only that particular member to pass through at one time. Small glowing orbs of blue faerie fire sat on the ceiling of the mildly angled staircase and allowed surface dwellers to peer within.

The 'Ruins'

Once a Member set foot on the floor's landing, their eyes might travel around. To their front and left side was flowing water which proceeded to flow on to the west. The platform on which they would stand only took up a small portion of the cave. It extended some two hundred feet in front and then some one hundred to their left side. The water's travel did flow but it seemed to go against a wall, betraying a underground tunnel of some sort in which the water escaped.
The wall to their right was not un worked stone but was marble bricks. The ceiling too was enforced with marble bricks it would seem and was thirty feet high. Moss and vines grew in the cracks of the bricks of ceiling,wall and floor.
A small number of stone pillars lay scattered about the ruined entrance hall and spiders walked on them as if they were thrones. In fact if one inspected any of the ruins closely the divine symbol of Llolth would be seen on all of them in one place or another.
The entire ruin smelled of Old. It just had the feeling of being unused in some time. The only fact that betrays that is the single source of light in the ruins; A large ten foot diameter white ball of faerie fire that sits in the middle of the ceiling. It's light shines as bright as a mid summer's noon day sun on the surface.
Once a Member was done looking about they would turn to face the one exit from the platform. A tall brick archway of fifteen feet of height and ten long would stand before them with two banners draped on each side. The banners themselves were of dual colors, Red and purple, and looked as if they had been sitting there for years. A single remarkable detail would be seen at the middle point of the archway's detail and that would be a bust of a elven figure.

The Gate:

Before the Member now was a most unusual gate. Twenty feet in height with it's top seeming to melt into the stone itself it stood strong against any form of penetration. The most interesting part of the gate however was not the gate itself but what one heard and saw from behind it. Nothing. A un knowning person would not see the club behind but only a blackness seeming to fit in with the "Ruins".
For those who knew how to produce it would be quite different however for once they touched the gate the magic would be dispelled for them. When a Member, bearing a key, touched the gate the illusion was dropped in both audio and visual aspects.

The Main Hall:

A glorious entrance the Main Hall was for once a member entered and the gate was closed behind the wonders of The Den began. The sweet aroma of opium and sex drifted into their nose as the sounds of idle chatter and music mingled with their senses. Six small groups of velvet pillows sit around a pool. Each group is protected with a hanging draping of silken lace that collects any splashed water from the small pool that the groupings sit around. Each group also has at it's disposal a black stone table gilded with golden leaf.
The pool itself is twenty feet deep and filled every seven hours by a group of slaves carrying fresh buckets of water. Rose petals and lavender oil is added to the pool water to give a more relaxing swim and making it smile more inviting.
The various braziers throughout the Main Hall are filled with sandalwood and burn with the scent of the wood within. If a member watched the braziers closely they would notice the flames occasionally shifting as if a draft was within the underground chamber. Several small vents within the walls of the Main Hall, and throughout the entire complex, filter the air in and out of The Den along with the minimal smoke produced from the sandalwood.
On the second floor of the main chamber, off to the left side, sits the Bar's balcony. Five velvet pillows sit on the edge and a piano sits somewhat away so that music can fill the Main Hall as members sit and chat before engaging in any of the glorious activities provided to them.

The Bar

After a small walk in a hallway and then up a flight of stairs a Member would find themselves in The Den's main bar. Unlike the rest of the Den no braziers of fire sit within the bar. All the lighting is provided by a set of Faerie Fires in the ceiling that cast down artificial sunlight down into the room. This is to prevent thefts and underhanded fighting within the bar itself as the lighting is more like the surface world.
Wooden tables sit next to the doorway and running down the length of the room. The tables are unremarkable and made of oak and the chairs themselves are covered with red and purple velvet on the seats of them.
Purple and red stools sit at the bar's counter top. The counter top black stone polished hourly to a near mirror shine. On the more wild of nights for The Den the pole sunk into the stone corner of the bar might be occupied by a Entertainer. Behind the bar sits various shelves and cabinets filled with spirits,classes,pipes,bongs,hookahs and the various drugs offered at the establishment. A small stove, with a smoke output linked directly to the surface, sits ready for the cooking of the various foodstuffs that a Member might order. Above the bar and hanging from the ceiling is a large red and purple pendent of fabric.
Two large black leather couches sit against the north western wall and are reserved for the most important of Members. Silk draps frame the couches while a small wooden table sits between them to hold drinks and food. The same type of pendent hangs behind the table as above the bar. A small wooden table designed for holding a hookah sits next to one of the sofas.

The Slave Pens

Traveling down a flight of stairs would lead a Member into the Pens. The scents from above, opium and sandalwood, mixed with the general tones of hay, waste and discontent.
Two small pens sit on the north east wall. Strong metal bars hold any slaves in and hold well they do. The outer layer of the bars is simple still but within it's very core is a small nearly unbreakable strand of Void energy. Should a slave ever remove the steal and then touch the remaining bar their skin would melt off. Within these two smaller pens are the bare essentials for a slave; Hay and two benches.
Against the northwestern wall lays a five benched pen that is on the same construction as the two smaller ones.

Within a smaller room to the Southwest is the punishment room. The eight single cells here are designed for the most rebellious of the slaves and are too small to lay down comfortably in forcing them to sit awkwardly on the cold wooden bench that takes up the entire cell. A small dirt and sand filled pit in the center of the room holds up a torture device that is used by the House slaves to punish the unowned ones upon their breaking of the rules.

A room in the northeastern corner holds the largest of all the pens. No chairs sit in front of this as the slaves within are considered the least dangerous of all the ones kept within the Den. Any Member with a key to the Den itself can use that key to gain entrance into these pens.

A door to the southeast leads to the Pit pens. A small check in room, complete with medical supplies and small weapons, prefixes a long hallway where up to six slaves can be held before being placed into the Pit for Combat Shows.

The Pits

A door within the Main Hall leads off into this large chamber. Within the center of the room lays a large sunken pit caged with metal bars. Within it's cold stone confines are the vast majority of The Den's fights and matches. If one was to closely inspect the stone working of the pit's sunken walls blood and little bits of skull might be made known to their eyes.
The chamber's main attraction, the Pit, is lined with a single row of wooden seats and contains several double and triple seated tables along the walls of the room. The braziers within the Pit are filled with the sandalwood of the other rooms but lavender and peppermint oils are added once an hour as well.
Another bar sits in the north west corner of the room and mimics the style of the main one. Polished black stone with a near mirror shine. Over sized pillows of red and purple coloring. Drawers and shelves behind the bar with various substances and foodstuffs. The major difference between the Pit's bar and the main one is that of coffers underneath this bar. The bartender is able to quickly obtain and pay out client's coins who bet on the Pit fights.

Staff Garden

Directly across from the entrance to the Main Hall is the Staff gardens. Beyond either of the entrances from the Main Hall is a large chamber with a garden in the middle.
Large uncut grass, four feet in height, dominates the garden as various small bluebells,hyacinths, blue sage, butterfly weeds, daisies and other various wildflowers sit within the grass as well. Two smaller gardens sit on either side of the chamber but lack the main one's three pillows with draped silk curtains which hang from the ceiling
Large stone steps lead to a second floor which house the staff members whom live in the Den.
No braziers of fire line the walls in the gardens but instead a large ball of white faire fire sits in the middle of the ceiling and lights the room.
Underground waterways provide water to the garden and it's plants.

Secondary Garden:
The chamber which links to all the rent able rooms is a little more interesting then the staff's garden. It is not a garden in the most technical sense of the word but a grassy area in the center with a fenced in area. The purpose of the fenced in area is for feral beasts to be the entertainment for patrons and clients whom are about to engage in the more adult of vices or whom have already indulged and are now in need of less intense entertainment.
The fencing itself is made of simple metal bars but the physical is not the major source of containment. A large magical barrier much like the one in use in the main gate is in place and travels form the top of the fence into the ceiling itself some thirty feet above.
In each corner of the 'garden' sits a pillar and around each pillars sits a grouping of six large pillows and three tables. Patrons can place themselves at the seats and enjoy the entertainment provided by several ferals trapped in a small place with little food.
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