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PostSubject: Membership App   Mon Jan 12, 2009 10:11 am

Blank application:




Years of general RP experience:

Years of RP experience with this character:

Number of regular alts you play on:

What is your character's intentions with Rping in The Den:
[Are you here for busines or pleasure? Trading slaves? Here to enjoy a cocktail every now and then?]

How often will you be RPing in The Den

Anything we should know?

Character's name:


Occupation outside of The Den,

Occupation desired within The Den (If intending to apply for an IC job):


Sample post:

Time stamped RP log (A log showing that the character is over three monthes old. Doesn't have to be long just a log into Furcadia with the date or something):

General Abilities:
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Membership App
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