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 Membership Process

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PostSubject: Membership Process   Tue Jan 13, 2009 2:18 am

Membership process:

Currently, we are a Semi-Closed dream and the application process is as follows:
[Nonmembers are still considered members ICly but are not allowed to obtain jobs, enter combat or buy slaves without joining on the forums. This is a measure to better handle the flow of characters.]

1. Role play! Membership applications without any witnessed RP will be rejected.
2. Submit an application on the forums
3. The Rah's will decide on your application and either deny or approve it
4D. If denied you have one week from the date of denial to resubmit with the corrections given by the Rahs.
4A. If approved, your character is free to purchase slaves, try to obtain employment and cause combat!
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Membership Process
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