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 Slave Papers

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PostSubject: Slave Papers   Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:48 pm

The following form must be filled out for all Slaves Rping in the Den.
Post as a topic in the Slave Papers board with [Name-Status] with the status being either owned, unowned or house slave

House slaves must be approved by a Rah

Short sentence or two about the type of paper,location and condition of the slave papers themselves. Don't require an entire paragraph but something as nice as if the paper is crudely or well written is strongly encouraged:

Name: Full if possible

Identification: The name that appears on the collar or tags

Age: As per the rules it must be 16 or older

Looks: How old do they look? Older then 16 as per the rules


Race: Include skin/fur, eye and hair colouring.

Markings: Scars, Tattoos and Brands

Body type:

Ailments: Disease or injuries that are long term

Presentation: Are they well mannered and civil or a feral animal?



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Slave Papers
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