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 In Character Menu

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PostSubject: In Character Menu   Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:26 am

This menu is presented to those who place themselves at the bar, it's tables or simply linger about long enough without food or drink in front of them in a main area of The Den.

Drital and Lucal
First Course

Gurdy Stew 6 C : A soup made with boiled water and heaps of carrots, potatos, peas, celery, broccoli and a choice of either chicken or beef added in.

Exotic Salad 5 C: A plate filled with lettuce, onions, shaved carrots and peppers with a side dish prepared of rice,a mild cheddar cheese and a small serving of chicken to add on top the first plate. A small glass of vinaigrette is also provided

Beef on a stick 3 C: Three pieces of Surface beef fried in fat and skewered on a stick. Served with a small cup of pepper,brown sugar and tomato sauce.

Koolsla 3 C: Shredded cabbage with carrots and sliced apple mixed with a olive oil sauce.

Second course

Roasted Capon 20 C:Tender slices of roaster with bread and onions stuffed inside. The entire bird is presented cut ontop of a plain of exotic salad prepared with the side dishes items. Serves six masters

Slave flesh jerky 10 C: A half pound of slave meat of various races. The meat is set in a mixture of spices from the Olde Worlde and allowed to sit for a week before serving.

Fat Sausages 7 C: Four large Sausage links filled with chicken and onions served with Beef on a stick sauce.

Garlic Pasta 10 C: A plate of string pasta and grilled chicken dressed with garlic butter ontop of it. Serves three.

Chicken Stuffed 15 C: A roasted chicken's breast stuffed with a choice between cheese or garlic butter. Served with a small form of the Exotic Salad.

After Meal

Meaded Pears 10 C: A bowl of pears soaked with golden Elven honey mead. A sweet taste to finish off any meal.

Grid Cake 5 C: Three large waffles baked with sugar untop to create a rich and sweet taste. Served warm.


Black Opium 20 C: Two large servings of Opium, pure, is provided. A pipe is given for an additional five coppers.

Madak 20 C: Six servings of a 70/20/10 tobacco opium and clove blended smoke. A pipe is provided for an additional five coppers.

Kava 15 C: A hot mix of Kava root and either blueberry or raspberry tea mixture. Sure to relax.

Sativa 10 C: Three large servings of Cannabis' female flower buds. A pipe is provided at an additonal five coppers

Hashish 30 C: Four large servings of Cannabis in a more potent form. A pipe is provided at an additonal five coppers

Hashish Oil 60 C: Two servings of Sativa in it's most powerful form. Add to any drink.

Creme de Gras 20 C: A flavoured alcohol containing Sativa. An entire bottle is provided.

Jimma 15 C: A bundle of Khat leaves prepared in a tea pot for the enjoyment of the patron. Serves four and is sure to awaken the senses
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In Character Menu
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